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My own health care issues led me to train in Natural Medicine. The approach I use is case specific, based on clients needs. Using blood tests from the start makes the process clear to follow, blood results are explained in detail which give a clear starting point you can compare against.

A tailor-made program is based on your personal and family medical history. This includes looking at your past blood tests, upbringing, and medication history. Each program uses Western herbs and Homeopathy along with tools and tips to help you learn how to read, understand, and take control of your medical issues. Weekly diaries help to track your diet as you learn how to apply a healthy and balanced diet to improve your immunity.

This process helps you learn how to read and listen to your body giving you power and control over your health choices.


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About Me

Suzie trained in Chinese medicine and iridology in 2004 with CNM Cork. In 2005 she joined the Irish College of Homeopathic Medicine. She qualified as a Medical Homeopath in 2010 and is registered with the Irish Society of Homeopaths. A keen amateur mycologist, currently training with a soilsmith in Munster on Korean natural farming techniques. Suzie runs a clinic from her cottage in Ardfert, Co Kerry that covers all aspects of health using herbs, homeopathy, fermentation, support on growing and raising your own food and access to a private blood lab.

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