Our bodies are self- healing machines when they have the correct tools. To have a healthy immune response we must look at all aspects of stress-mental, emotional, and physiological. Our current world has created and normalized stress which up to 10 years ago was known as our number one killer. Stress comes in many forms from chronic exhaustion which impacts most parents, poor hydration, poor diet, being unfit, being unwell- lingering chronic infections, over or misuse of medications, alcohol and recreational drugs, undiagnosed disease & shift work to name a few.

Working with a Natural healthcare practitioner means that they take the time to go through your personal and family medical history, food diaries and blood results. This creates your personal profile. Based on this information a specific tailor-made program is devised and explained, clearly typed in a word document which includes food advice, herbs, homeopathy, and age old supports such as poultice, liver cleanses and castor oil. 

The food medicine approach uses clean organic foods, macroscopic fungi, fermented food and drinks along with kitchen herbs- many of the skills our grandparents would have practiced. As you heal you learn the skills to make your own sourdough breads, to grow a Scoby to make kombucha and to plan and seed your own kitchen herb garden or window box.

How does Natural Healthcare support immunity?

If you picture the sequence of how the communication in the body works you have the Pituitary gland in our brains that acts like a chief conductor in a symphony orchestra keeping everyone in time. The pituitary has a similar role sending and regulating the bodies hormones through glands that also have a connecting, transfer and drainage system- the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system plays a key role in immunity filtering and removing virus. To deal effectively with virus having a healthy lymph system is a core component.

Our pituitary gland communicates with every network and pathway in our bodies, theĀ  -pattern for immunity is simple to track on blood tests.

Pituitary->creates TSH & sends to Thyroid-> Thyroid converts TSH to T3 & T4-> T3 & T4 are sent to the liver to be converted into white cell immunity, that is why vitamin D is so important for immunity. Vitamin D is a hormone created in the kidneys that regulates immune function in the liver and small intestine, a vital part of a healthy gut microbiome.