Issues with male and female fertility are a growing worldwide, which is leading to much trauma and suffering for couples who miscarry or who cannot get pregnant. Many world changes are contributing to this rise, including food and water quality, societies acceptance of a stress existence as normal, medication history, recreational drug and alcohol use, family medical history and leaving it very late to start a family.

The current Irish medical fertility industry is not regulated which is leading to many couples spending a lot of money where underlying medical issues are not addressed, and they are loaded with hormones to force the body to produce a baby in a body that was already compromised.

My fertility approach is very simple. I run clear bloods that check your immune function, rule out any autoimmune issues and look at both partners health history, improving diet and lifestyle alongside herbal, food and homeopathic support. It takes 2 to make a baby, very often women take the full responsibility for fertility issues when in many incidents this is not the case. 

By using weekly diaries to track your basal body temperature alongside blood tests, you can get a clear idea of what health issues are compromising your immunity and fertility and how long the repair process will take.

Fertility appointments are every 3-4 weeks extending to every 12 weeks once bloods and health are in balance, with weekly feedback and support Monday to Friday for any acute issues. Acute support between appointments is included in the cost of visit.

Trying For A Baby?

Are you dealing with unexplained infertility issues or having difficulty conceiving a baby?