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LIFE CHANGING!In the beginningBefore I

In the beginning
Before I started working with Suzie I had a rash covering 95% of my body and not just any rash….it was the rash from HELL. It was scaly, extremely red, itchy and a nightmare to have. I was constantly uncomfortable (from constantly rubbing lotions, medicines, anything a doctor would prescribe to try and heal it) and my confidence was almost nonexistent at this point. I had parasites (something I learned about from working with her), brain fog, emotional instability, unhealthy relationships and poor eating habits (that I wasn’t even aware was poor eating habits). Honestly, I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I started looking back at old photos (oh, we’ve come such a long way!). I was misdiagnosed at least 4/5 times by doctors and nutritionists and underwent a series of tests and paid thousands of dollars only to be told my body was attacking itself and there was no real explanation of why. In my mind and the doctor’s, I was perfectly healthy on paper, and we just couldn’t understand what could be wrong.

First encounter almost 2 years ago
When I met Suzie, our first appointment lasted almost 2 hours long. It was like talking to a very close friend and I shared things that I never even repeated to myself. She opened the floodgates essentially. It was the most in-depth conversation I’ve ever had about my life, health, relationships and my journey here on earth (I was so hyped after our first conversation and yes it went very deep). She is INCREDIBLY THOROUGH AND HONEST (not for the faint of heart LOL) but she has the simplest yet profound way breaking down what was essentially going on with my health and how it correlated with all other aspects of my life.

Guiding me into health
Now, I will say, it has been almost 2 years of working with Suzie, and it was the most time consuming, gut wrenching, emotionally taxing (I’ve cried a few times) and transparent era of my life (please understand this part of the journey is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY AND NOTE THAT IT WAS CHALLEGING BUT EXTREMELY REWARDING!!). The transformation I am experiencing right now can only be described as PURE BLISS. By no means was I the easiest patient for her as I was quite stubborn at times and wanted to run away from emotions and traumas that I’ve experienced throughout my life. She pulled out things that I never wanted to revisit, and I am so thankful that she did! Suzie is an absolute gem and she worked along with me faithfully to really get my health in check and continues to guide me into tip top health.

The change
Suzie is the most consistent, no nonsense, determined, hardworking health practitioner I know. She GENUINELY cares about my health and overall wellbeing (something I’ve NEVER experienced before). She has helped changed my perspective about not just health but life overall. My life is COMPLETELY different from when I started working with her to the point where I almost don’t recognize or remember the old version of myself (nor do I want to). This is the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life both physically, mentally and emotionally and we are still consistently working together to improve (because being healthy is never a one stop fix, it takes consistency and dedication) my overall quality of life.

Oh, and just so you know my clear skin is BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!!! WOOHOO! (it was clear after about 6 months of HARD WORK AND DEDICATION….IT WAS NOT EASY, BUT WE DID IT TOGETHER!!!!!) Presently, my brain fog is gone, most of my unhealthy relationships were resolved and I was able to finally mentally and emotionally stand on my own 2 feet.
I am eternally grateful to Suzie for changing my life and bringing me back from the path of health destruction. I can whole-heartedly say that my life has changed for the best since I started working with her and continue to work with her. I’VE NEVER FELT BETTER!



I went to Suzie with

I went to Suzie with my 9 year old dog Finn. He had been diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas and was given just a few weeks to live. Suzie has a immense knowledge. She looks at you or your animal in a complete way to holistically find the solution. She treats you and your animal with great care and understanding.
We looked at Finns food and water. Then adjusted or changed them completely along with herbal and homeopathic remedies. When we did his bloods 6weeks later everything was normal and then another ultrasound to see if the tumour was still there, this now was non existent.
For me it was truly mind blowing and made me think where else in the veterinary and medical world are we going wrong.
Healing can be simple and not over complicated. We need to do the simple things right. In a world where there is so much contamination in the basic things food, water, air, Suzie is the woman to help you find your path to health and healing. I couldn’t recommend Suzie enough. The well-being of you or your animal is of the utmost importance to her. It’s a rare thing to find now. And I am truly grateful for her expertise, knowledge and whole hearted dedication to health and vitality be it human or animal.

Mary W

I have been a long

I have been a long term patient with Suzie over the last 20 years dealing with sport injuries and recurrent back problems for damage caused working physical jobs. 3 years ago I developed liver issues due to Lyme disease from regularly getting tick bites from mountain biking in forest areas with ferns. My liver was under pressure and my iron, prolactin and bilirubin levels were very high. My GP offered no support other than a shoulder shrug. Suzie put me on a plan of herbs, lack of processed food and homeopathy to repair my liver and immune system and over 6 months with regular blood tests my scans cam back clear and healthy last month. I also don’t suffer with the same severe back problems that I had where several times a year I would have needed crutches to move about in sever pain. Suzie is a wealth of knowledge regarding the human body with an understanding of blood tests that the GPs seem to struggle with.
I can only thank and praise Suzie for the care and help that she has given me.


After years of suffering from

After years of suffering from unexplained debilitating chronic inflammatory pain, of which the mainstream medical practitioners had no answer but to try experimental drugs which may or may not ease the symptoms and more often than not had very serious side effects i met Suzie.
Within the first consultation she began to explain what was going on in my body and began teaching me how to begin to rectify the issues and support the body to heal. Each consultation helps to paint the holistic pathway to health and healing and Suzie explains it in a scientific yet simplistic manner. Her knowledge of how the body and mind work is phonomenol and is matched by her professionalism and dedication to supporting her patients getting better.
I have never come across such a knowledgable and caring professional and how she ties together the various traditional medicine practices and knowledge to support the bodies healing is impressive. Furthermore she slowly begins to teach her patients how they can support their own healing and recovery building independent healers who can stand on their own feet and take control of their health and well being long after you have met Suzie.
I feel very lucky to have met her and couldnt recommend Suzie highly enough.


We first met with Suzie

We first met with Suzie approximately 8 years ago following a recommendation from our local GP.

At the time we were dealing with fertility issues and pregnancy losses. Suzie gave us both a radical plan. Through diet, homeopathy and supplements we regained control of our health and well-being.

Suzie was instrumental in the safe arrival of our boys. Today, eight years later she helps us manage, prevent and address any of our health needs. The boys love working with her and anything Suzie says goes.

Suzie is passionate about helping others improve their physical and emotional well-being using natural organic and complementary approaches. Suzie is practical and realistic in her approach, while she is extremely thorough, she understands family life and is mindful of children’s likes and dislikes.

We are so grateful to Suzie for helping us achieve our healthy vibrant beautiful family.


I attended Suzie after years

I attended Suzie after years of trying different medical and alternative practitioners….and really I had just accepted that I had to live with the health difficulties I had.
But that reality has all changed now and I am a person with a new life.
Suzie’s passion for her job is evident from the start…her vast knowledge of everything health related is astounding. I learned pretty quickly that Suzie diagnosed and treated the Source of the problem…..she does not treat symptoms or problems in isolation but treats the body as a whole, as everything is interconnected.
I went through a complete body detox firstly.
Next I changed my diet changed completely, which at first was quite daunting, but after a short while became very enjoyable.
She treated me with herbs and supplements and homeopathic remedies also. She read my blood results in detail and even recommended me some excellent books to read.
I had cramps and twitches in my legs which disappeared very quickly.
I had major digestive and tummy issues , from which I was sick regularly.
My sleep was very broken and I suffered from very bad dreams, so was often exhausted.
All of these issues have been totally resolved now and I am so, so grateful to her.
I feel very fortunate indeed to have had her recommended to me.


I am free.I came to

I am free.
I came to Suzie just a year ago with some health concerns and with her guidance, I discovered who I truly was. I was shown how my fears and past traumas had crippled me and caused me to live inside an invisible prison of my own making. Suzie supported me throughout the process of discovering who I was truly meant to be and then set about showing me how to become that person. The nutrition was only the beginning, the emotional healing began soon after, where I learned to heal from the past and to forgive and let go of the pain. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but with Suzies unending support and guidance, it was a truly magical experience and my life has completely transformed as a result. I have removed toxic relationships without drama, I have changed jobs due to my new found self-worth and healthy boundaries, my important relationships are mending over time and my health is the best now that it has ever been. I feel younger and healthier but, most important of all to me, is that I am now FREE. AK


I startwe with Suzie in

I startwe with Suzie in the winter of 2022. I was looking to boost animal health on the farm and cure ringworm in young cattle. Suzie recomeneded hanging holly above all of the cattle pens and also two different remedies which were sprayed onto the cattle 2-3 times per week. Within about 3 weels we could see a pinkish colour cominh where the infection was amd within about 2 months they all healed. Would recommend to other farmers with ringworm issues. We also used a tB mix to boost resistance to tB in our cattle. This seemed to work well as we cleared our test in a high tB area. Anyone trying this I would recommend having enough feed space for each amimal and the process of spraying is easy.


Our daughter was badly effected

Our daughter was badly effected after the HPV vaccination, from being a very healthy athletic outgoing teenager she suddenly became riddled by anxiety and fear, arthritic pain, immobility, unable to focus, only sit in a chair and stare at at spot on the wall all day long.
Unable to complete school, junior cert, leaving cert, lost all her friends..

Initially after nearly a year of conventional medicine, a 14yr old being put on Prozac and regular visits to a psychiatrist for depression.
We including our daughter were at our wits end.

When we were told about Suzie.

In short we have not looked back since..
Our daughter is now a healthy vibrant 21yr old young woman.

I won’t say it has been an easy journey but it has been very eye opening, educational and rewarding one.

In short Simplify:

Clean food
Clean Water the 2 basic’s for a healthy mind and body. Then the human body is a healing machine..

Due to modern society and processed food illness is rampant!!

With the basic’s of clean food and water add homeopathy and herbs and of course the trained skills of Suzie your well on the way to being Healthy!

This young woman has a lot more in her repertoire in dealing with the human psyche than I care to go into in a mere testimonial.

But when it comes to the basic’s of Good Health I cannot recommend Suzie highly enough!!

A word of caution You have to be prepared to do the work its not a quick fix. Its not a case of hey doc can I have a tablet for the pain in my finger when its your liver is in a bad way..



I am 15 years old.

I am 15 years old. From a very young age I was in and out of doctors surgeries. I was asthmatic and had recurring chest infections and sinus. My Mom was concerned and anxious about the regular use of steroid inhalers and ventolin. At least 4 times a year I was prescribed antibiotics by my GP. I would get some relief and then be back to square one months later. I found my health problems hindered me in many ways but especially as far as sports were concerned.

I first visited Suzie 5 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Her help has been life changing for me and even my football and basketball coaches have commented on how much fitter and healthier I am. I no longer need inhalers and I have not visited a GP for the past 5 years. What I found particularly unique about Suzie is that she listened. There was ample opportunity for dialogue and this enabled me to.understand my symptoms. She even drew diagrams to enable me to have a better understanding of my problems.

I am so grateful to Suzie for putting me on the path to recovery and would recommend her to anyone.


After Two miscarriages and approaching

After Two miscarriages and approaching 40 , I was quiet concerned with trying to get pregnant again , this is when I met Suzie who came as a recommendation, As a physical therapist myself I really only go on recommendations , wow was I happy , Suzie is very thorough, Through her amazing knowledge on fertility I really felt secure in her knowledge , I can happily say I now have a three year old little girl , this lady has a special place in my heart , if you want someone to help you step up , take control of your health and lifestyle this is your lady , strict ,strong minded but my God her passion for her clients shines through .

Susan ONeill

Working with Suzie took me

Working with Suzie took me on a journey of self discovery and helped me heal different aspects of my life. Understanding how the trauma I experienced in my early years impacts on my over all health, was essential to help me join the dots. I learned how to take care of myself, taking in the right nutrition and how to manage Stress. Suzie is a fountain of knowledge. She put huge effort and care into working with me. I would highly recommend her as a Natural Healthcare Practitioner


I attended Suzie with a

I attended Suzie with a list of health problems Asthma, eczema, fatigue, back pain, headaches, infertility & thyroid problems & had not managed to get help from traditional doctors other than medicine to suppress the symptoms. I also had problems which I wasn’t aware of that were in turn causing these symptoms. Trust me when I tell you if your Dr. doesn’t know whats wrong Suzie will!

Thanks to Suzie all these have been resolved and we have our beautiful children. I have made lifelong changes for my family & I. We haven’t had to visit the GP or use traditional medicine in years now. Nutrition, herbs and homeopathy are now our medicine.

I myself am a health care professional & I can honestly say Suzies knowledge, expertise and understanding of how the body works, reading blood results etc. is second to none & better than any Doctor I have ever met. Suzie is a rare find, dedicated, honest & truly passionate about her work. We will be forever in dept to her!


Im 21 and was diagnosed

Im 21 and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 19. I had been symptom free up until my last relapse which happened 9 months ago. After this my walking/mobility was effected, extreme virtigo, brain fog, insomnia & constant pins, needles, numbness and all of a sudden I was bed bound every day and couldn’t drive or work. A living nightmare. I met a nice lady with MS who told me about Suzie and after trying nearly every other alternative therapy I believed my faith was decided until I met Suzie .

After my first appointment I knew there was hope for me. Over the coming few months of immense support Suzie helped and guided me through every step making radical changes in my lifestyle through diet, homeopathy, supplements, helping me understand why I got sick in the first place and so much more and how I can take control of my own well being. Fast forward to today I am symptom free and back doing all the things I love that I believed I would never be able to do again.

I can not recommend Suzie enough to anyone who may be in a similar situation to me or wants to approach their issue in a natural, ethical non intrusive way. Suzie is a very educated, honest, and approachable individual whom is straight to the point and has completely transformed my life for the better and I can’t imagine how things would be for me if I didn’t meet her.


In 2015, after many years

In 2015, after many years of fertility struggles and after exploring countless interventions with no success, a friend told me about Suzie and thought that she might be able to help us to have the family we wanted so very much.
Honestly, I was reluctant at first, simply because I had known very little about homeopathy and how it worked. However, after one consultation with Suzie, my husband and I needed no further reassurance. The knowledge, skill and expertise that Suzie has, together with the time she takes to gain a deep insight into the person she is dealing with make her a person that has influenced our lives in the most incredible way.
Without Suzie I know we would not have our three girls aged 5, 2 and 10 months. I do look at them at times with incredulity and wonder about how our lives would be so different now if we had not heard about Suzie. We have recommended Suzie to countless people over the years for so many different reasons, not only fertility. We will wholeheartedly continue to do this.
Suzie has helped us to carve out the life we wanted. She has changed our outlook on food and nutrition. She has given us a family and also insight into taking personal responsibility for nutrition and basic family homeopathy.
Suzie will forever be mentioned in our household…she has shaped our lives in the most incredible way.


I first meet with Suzie

I first meet with Suzie over 8 years ago when she successfully treated my IBS through nutrition, supplements and homeopathic remedies. Fast forward 5 years I had a stroke and instead of going down the medical route I went back to Suzie again for help. It was a really scary time but I trusted Suzie completely and followed the plan she assigned to me to the T. With a lot of work all of my side effects were gone within a couple of months. Suzie always explained my blood results thoroughly and apart from feeling better it was great to see a visable improvement through the lab results. Suzie is a very friendly, professional, non judgemental homoepath and left no stone unturned when treating me.

J.R. Kerry

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